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Advanced English Grammar  By Goodwill

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is the official language in over hundred countries across continents with the
number of people using it on a regular basis crossing 2 billion! English is the
language of major newspapers, journals, and books around the world. It is the
main language of communication, education, legal documents, business
agreements, scientific procedures, instructions, interviews, discussions,
meetings and conferences. It is the language of emails, texts, blogs, and


grammar, which in effect holds the language together, is 
structure  of words, phrases, clauses and sentences which
together form expression. 
Grammar is the way in
which sentences are structured and the language is formatted. It encompasses t
analysis and comparison of the sentence structures, rules determining the
structure and interpretation thereof, description of the syntax of English
as it is used in speech and writing. Good grammar, correct spelling and clear
expression put punch and perspicacity in your writing and give rich


book explains, with suitable examples, all the key elements of English grammar,
like parts of speech, non-finites like infinitives, participles and gerunds;
Tenses and their forms; Active and Passive voice; Direct and Indirect speech,
delineating the rules governing them; various types of errors commonly
committed and how to avoid them; auxiliary verbs like modals; clauses and
phrases; types of sentences; transformation and synthesis of sentences;
connectors and their functions; figures of speech and their application;
punctuation and its rules; spelling rules; and writing for correctness and
clarity. Besides, many other pertinent topics have been covered to give a
unique coverage to the book. A large number of examples have been included in
every chapter. Each rule, idea and explanation has been given in accessible


The book facilitates faster and easier understanding through
simple structure and lucid manner with ample exercises to test the concepts
learned. It 
will be useful for students and teachers of
English besides professionals like editors, writers and columnists. To common
readers it will provide a richly rewarding reading



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